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BNAT 12 photos
thenorthlander wrote in bnatters
Didn't have anywhere else to post them (you guys know I hate the living crap out of anything Facebook and I don't have an account there) so I put them up on MySpace if anyone wants them.

Anyone else got a link to their BNAT photos?

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(Deleted comment)
what's your myspace name filip? the link just seems to go to my page somehow.

I hadn't logged into myspace in over a year. I had to look up my password :-p

Ok fixed the link.

And no you don't need to log in to MySpace to view someone else's profile or their pics.
This is MySpace, not Facebook.
That's just one of the reasons FB sucks.

Did they change it? I used to have all of my photos and profile hidden on myspace. Gracious, I hope those can't be seen!

No it was always like that. My profile isn't set to private though.

phew! Ok, good. I didn't have anything particularly bad, I just used to write a fair amount on there my parents don't necessarily need to read :-p

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