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BNAT12 - Part 4
smallerdemon wrote in bnatters

It’s late. You’ve just watched a brilliant performance of Orson Welles as Falstaff which has required your brain to be “on” the whole time and you ended up cat-napping for 15 minutes during the battle scenes. You’re tired but willing to move forward. What in the world could wake you up and not tire you out at the same time? Laughing. Everyone around you laughing. This is exactly how you revive a crowd in the wee hours of the morning. You don’t beat them over the head with too much noisy action. Your don’t mind fuck them via Inception. You let them relax and regret any moment they nod off because they know they will miss the funniest fucking things in the world. Richard Pryor’s live concert film from 1979, original print with psychedelic water damage, is the way to achieve all of this. What perfect timing Harry pulled with this programming. It is so odd how this truly follows from Falstaff, but it does. From one poignant and funny comic relief to one hilarious and sometime poignant comedian is a brilliant and beautiful thing.

And it all came flooding back to me. I listened to this hundreds of time as a teenager. As soon as it started every line was a little reminder to me: “Hey! You remember this joke!” It was amazing for me to remember laughter like this and to be able to, in so many instances, be able to laugh like a kid again at something. Richard Pryor invented this type of comedy that damn near every comedian after him either plays off of or outright steals. It’s astonishing stuff and if you haven’t seen it you really need to find a way to do so. However, if you’re remotely offended by non-PC humor you might best stick to whatever it is in the world that PC people find funny, because Rich don’t pay no attention to that shit.

We can’t really review plot details or do full on reviews, but basically this is straight up an action-comedy buddy-cop movie but the guys are not cops. Instead, they are super hero wannabes that take it on themselves to fight the crime world by barging in and pretending to take over the crime world. The plot holes are ridiculous, but the action moves along at a brisk pace and the cars are pretty. The best two roles in the movie are from Cameron Diaz and Jay Chou. Seth is fine, but honestly his role could have been filled by any number of people (and I like Seth, mind you) and it would have worked just as well. This really rides on the back of the supporting players, the action and the great Kato-View moments. Christoph Waltz is ridiculously wonderful and BLOODOFFSKIE (Chudnosky) and is the most original thing about this because his villain is hilariously different from anything I’ve ever seen. I would not have trekked out on my own to see this, but it was a great BNAT film. If you like Seth a lot and you like action comedy and don’t give a rat’s ass about plot holes and the such this is a fun film.

*shhhhhhh* It’s a secret! A goofy, gorey, silly secret of one great performance and a lot of incredibly dumb moments. Can’t wait to edit my own version and basically make it a Falstaffian monologue and edit out all the fluff. Should have been about 20 minutes shorter.

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I'm still not sure how I feel about the secret movie. I agree with your statement. I just wish all that I had to drink didn't hit me all at once during the screening of it! There was a time I was hoping the deed would just be done.

Jay Chou is a hero, that man is amazing, and I don't think it's even possible for Christoph Waltz to give a bad performance. As much as I like Seth Rogen, he really was a bit too "Seth Rogen."

Ugh! I always start reading these when I'm about to walk out the door! I'll read more later!
You may write a lot, but I read a lot.

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