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Entries in the new Youtube Video comp for the final BNAT seat
eyesonly_2019 wrote in bnatters
As was mentioned earlier, Harry has created a you tube competition for the last BNAT seat which requires competitors to tronitize one of their favorite film moments. I'm sure that all the bnatters would love to watch these videos, as the idea is pretty cool. In the spirit of encouraging competitors to post links to their videos, I've posted a link to mine below. I hope to see a few more.

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but I think this guy should win it.

That sort of talent is what stops me making a video. I was just going to use tinsel and a joke about the Highlander accents.

Clearly some of the compositers who worked on tron legacy are applying!

it wouldnt shock me! :)

Aliens are cool, no doubt.
But this is better:

and he did!

This is mine, Im not a video compositer, mine is a flash video Ive tried to make fit the 80's Tron look and be funny, hopefully that counts for something :)

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